Designs for real life

Interior – centre, heart, core, inner, inside…
Design – plan, invent, create, shape, conceive….

Whether you are considering a complete revamp or are just looking for different design ideas for a specific space, PS Interior Design can offer inspiring ideas and holistic spatial plans and decoration schemes to suit most budgets.

Many interiors today comprise neutral, uniform colours (and this is fine!), but the use of wall colour and texture can dramatically change the look of a space, as can patterns and fabrics – instantly giving off a classy, attractive and well co-ordinated feel.

You may crave a calm, cool bedroom for relaxing in or a vibrant, nerve centre of a living room with statement pieces and tasteful splashes of colour? You may want to offer your children fairy-tale bedrooms or you might even yearn for a stylish yet practical family-friendly space in which to entertain your friends.

You might not have the skill, creativity or - let’s face it – the nerve to tackle this sort of project entirely on your own though – and that’s quite normal!

PS Interior Design can help by suggesting ideas and often eco-friendly options for spatial planning, for colour schemes and finishes, furniture and soft furnishing, for floor coverings, window treatments, storage, fixtures and appliances and lighting and we have a full range of suppliers and tradesmen at our disposal.

And if you are unsure about colours or textures, the results you’d like to achieve, or what messages you want to convey, our unique personality preference profiling service can help to identify what might work best for you.

We then use the results of this profile to design the perfect environment specifically for you.

Simply put, PS Interior Design creatively and successfully help you explore the various options to make the best of the space you already have and achieve the results you want, at a price you can afford.


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